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Starting your new workout with Dustin

gyms in beaverton

A Personal Trainer in Beaverton dedicated to motivating you! 

Dustin is a NASM certified personal trainer in Beaverton and Portland, Oregon and uses both his knowledge and passion to deliver results for YOU. If you did search for Gym Beaverton, let's be in touch because ours  is located at 7716 SW Nimbus Ave Building 10, Beaverton, OR 97008. With a client list that includes everyone from beginners to athletes and bodybuilders;  Dustin’s unique approach to exercise is effective by first addressing the baseline of his clients fitness level and then establishing key elements to your continued success.


This approach has been extremely effective for his clients and the health and performance goals that they have.  Because of Dustin’s vast experience in both athletics and the fitness industry, there is no limit to who he can train and how far he can take your aspirations!


Dustin’s background is diverse. He is a graduate of Oregon State University with a degree in Exercise and Sport Science, specializing in Fitness and Nutrition. Dustin has excelled in a variety of sports through his life. He has played competitive basketball, soccer, football and baseball and is active in mountain biking and hiking. Fitness has served as a platform, to not only better his life, but now other people’s lives as well.  This is what drives him on a daily basis. As a teenager, Dustin was diagnosed with two herniated disks and was told he would have to live with the pain throughout his life. From that day forward, he started focusing on building strength in his back and all of the stabilizing muscles in his body through fitness training.


Today, many years later, he lives pain free and has learned just how valuable fitness training is to your general well-being and self-confidence. Dustin looks forward to helping his clients at Define Fitness pursue their goals of improved health, mobility and stronger bodies.  Take the step to define your fitness.

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