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Searching for Fitness Trainer Beaverton in google? meet Dustin! 

Rocking your workout together

At once personal and tailored to your goals, Dustin provides professionally certified fitness trainer programs and meal plans designed to help you reach and maintain your health and fitness ambitions.

One on One

Fitness Trainer Beaverton


Fitness Trainer Beaverton

Zoom or House Calls

Fitness Trainer Beaverton

Deliverable Results

Consistent Availability


The Journey Together

At Define Fitness, all personal training sessions are 1 on 1 or small group sessions, making you the focal point of the program.  We are not a “big box” gym, so you will instantly feel the personalized approach when you walk into our facility!

Training sessions take place at our new studio sized gym in Beaverton that includes an exceptional team of trainers passionate about making your goals a reality. Did you recently google fitness trainer Beaverton? If you are looking for a workout partner, or group sessions, let's talk!

From competitive athletes, individuals dealing with limited function, or everyday people just trying to live healthier lives, I use my years of credible experience to create tailored programs that will guide you to develop the lifestyle you desire. With a healthy diet, a sound exercise program, and a positive attitude, I am 100% confident that you and I can create a regime that will help you stay motivated and inspired, so we can reach and surpass your fitness goals!

Don’t put off improving your health any longer. My prices are structured to make training more affordable for you — because I want to see you progress and succeed.

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Affordable and Flexible

Personal Trainer Beaverton
Workout beaverton
workout partner beaverton

One on One


Meal plans, routines, and direct coaching support.  Contact me for pricing!



Meal plans, group routines, and direct coaching support! Contact me for pricing!

ZOOM or House Calls


Meal plans, routines, and direct coaching support over Zoom or in your house! Contact me for pricing!

Fitness Trainer Beaverton
personal trainer beaverton
fitness beaverton
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